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What Our Clients Have To Say:

"Brandon, wanted to tell you I think that my squirrels are gone. They were not around yesterday, at all, or so far this morning. This past weekend they were up on my roof, on my stucco. Thank you for everything that you did for me. I have your cards and your flyers to give out and I will get down to my Activity Center and put you in the book down there. Have not had a chance to do this, but will this week. My son-in-law and my neighbor were out front on Sunday and my son-in-law got on a ladder and was checking it out up there. He said you did an excellent job in sealing everything up. Hope that you are having a good day. So happy that I found you!"

- Marge

"We had been having a rodent problem up in our attic. We not only live on the river but have several citrus trees in our yard. I wasn't sure we could tackle this ongoing problem. We initially used a regular monthly pest service but all they did to combat the problem was put out some baited traps around our yard. It was no surprise, the results that yielded did nothing to solve our growing rodent problem in our attic.
After doing some research online I found Thomas Wildlife Control. They had really great Yelp reviews and happy customers. I called Brandon and he very clearly outlined several options we had. They ranged from Brandon doing just the inspection and showing us how we could seal things up ourselves or Brandon could do all the work for us which included sealing up entry points, checking the traps he set and removing the pests as well. We opted for the full boat. Brandon was very professional. He thoroughly went over our house w/a fine tooth comb. He sealed up every possible access point the rodents could be utilizing and then went about setting traps in our attic. Brandon came back several times to continuously re-check the traps and remove the caught critters. Since Brandon's services we are now living rodent free!

I would not hesitate to recommend Brandon and Thomas Wildlife Control. Brandon knows what he's doing and very courteously and professionally gets the job done. We are very pleased with the results and equally pleased to support a local Sacramento business owner. Thank you Brandon and Thomas Wildlife Control!


- Susan S.